5 Reasons why Tata CLiQ’s customer care policy is way better than any other e-commerce player

Tata Cliq has been around for quite a time in the market now and stands as one of the most reputed brands of all times. It has literally brought about a revolution the nation’s e-commerce market after the launch of its own online shopping portal. It offers a seamless and excellent omni channel experience to consumers which have enhanced their reputation even more when it came to customer support. Take a quick at the five reasons why the Tata Cliq customer support team stands out from the rest today.

The Tata CLiQ customer care numberhas all the answers to your queries and problems and you can certainly rely on it with your eyes closed. Tata cliq have established the concept of Phygital experience which is something quite new in the e-commerce industry and have brought about a revolution in the same. The idea of Phygital experience is to blend the ease of shopping and buying products online. There are many other new approaches that Tata cliqhas taken to excel in terms of customer service.

# 1 Highly responsive

The Tata Cliq customer care is best known for its responsiveness and the way the team immediately goes back to its customers in no time. Irrespective of the fact whether Tata cliq customer is in an emergency or has called regarding just a casual issue, the matter is immediately taken care of. Customers are not lead in a queue until and unless it is an utmost requirement. This is precisely where the customer service of Tata cliq stands out from other e-commerce services.

# 2 Dealing with the complaints sincerely

If you have any complaints, all you will need to do is dial theTata CLiQ customer care number.You can rest assured that everything will be paid attention to by the dedicated team of Tata cliq and they will leave no stones unturned when it comes to keeping a record of your valuable feedback and solving them appropriately. Tata Cliq is known for receiving the least amount of complaint. However, whenever, they receive a complaint the team takes it quite positively and seriously and adapts each and every approach to solve the issue as soon as possible and reverting back to the particular customer.

# 3 In-depth knowledge about products or services

Another reason why Tata Cliq customers are highly satisfied with the customer support team is its extensive knowledge about products and services. The team of Tata cliq customer support is highly knowledgeable and they are quite sincere about providing the right information to customers. You will be provided with each and every details and information before you purchase your product as the tea dedicatedly aims to keep further confusion off the plate.

# 4 The Tata cliq customer care number is a one-time solution

The best part is that they offer a single point of contact and all of your problems will be taken care of once you dial it. Customers need not take the trouble to call in different numbers or wait for call transfers unnecessarily. You can rest assured that you will land in the right place and you will be guided by the right people. All of the team members are well trained and are well aware their tasks and responsibilities. Be it regarding refunds, exchanges, cash backs, discounts, you will be provided with just the right information in absolutely no time. The Tata Cliq customer support team has been known for offering maximum satisfaction to their customers and has left no stones unturned in retaining this reputation. 

# 5 Ultimate customer add-on facilities and services

Tata Cliq has always provided more than the basics to customers when it comes to facilities and services. Starting from cash back, exciting rebates, coupons to exchange offers, customers are bestowed wit almost everything. You can take advantage of everything by using the official website of Tata Cliq. You will have an amazing user experience as the website has everything equipped just in the right way. You can take advantage of al facilities sitting right at the comfort of your home, from purchase, query t delivery and simply enjoy your shopping. The team is extremely dedicated and is known for offering on time delivery of purchased products to customers which sets them out from the rest.

Starting from exchanges, refunds to queries everything shall be taken care of when you dial theTata CLiQ customer care number. You get quickly connected to the crew and the best part is that you attain step by step assistance and guidance from a single agent.

Customers can get full-fledged and continuous assistance till the issue is properly resolved once they are connected and there is no interruption involved. If a customer is in emergency, he is prioritized more and attended with every help he needs in no time. So do not hesitate to make Tata CLiQyou next shopping stop and experience its amazing customer support in case you have any query.

Top 3 Plagiarism Checkers Tools for Educational Assignments

The internet is full of software applications of different categories. When you search online for particular software, several options would be shown on your screen. This does not mean that all of them are dependable. More than half of them would not even work properly. Using such an application has hazardous effects instead of positive ones. For instance, if you are using an unreliable application to check plagiarism, you may end up submitting a copied assignment. This simply means ending up with a bad grade or a rejected assignment even after using a plagiarism checker.

Quality matters and you need to be sure about the reputation of a plagiarism checker before you select one. Here are the top 3 plagiarism checkers of 2019

Plagiarism checker by Prepostseo. 

Plagiarism checker by Prepostseo is an amazing tool for a variety of users. For instance, students need a dependable plagiarism checking tool so that they can submit original assignments easily. If you are working on a detailed assignment, you would not have the time to go through each chapter and get an assurance about whether it has been copied or not. The present time is technology oriented and there is an application for every purpose. To check your assignment for copied content, you can use this dependable tool by Prepost SEO and eliminate all your worries.

Few short steps to check content

Unlike a lot of plagiarism checking applications available on the internet, this application does not comprise of any lengthy steps. The lengthiest of content can be checked in few minutes. You need to start by adding the content which has to be scanned. This can be done by adding the content in form of text or uploading a document. After that, click the “check plagiarism” button and the written content would be scanned. Once the scanning process has been completed, you would know about the parts that have been copied. At times, students do include copied material in their assignments. This mostly happens when they fail to rephrase a part.

Suitable for web content creators

Publishing copied content on your website simply means that your brand would lose its reputation even before it starts getting customers. If you are not using a proper plagiarism checker tool, you are taking a big risk. The Prepost SEO plagiarism checking software is a good alternative for web content creators. When you have prepared the web content, scan it through this tool. In this way, you can get an assurance that nothing has been copied. Once people view copied content on your website, there is no turning back. Thus, it is better to use this tool before you move on to the publishing stage.

  • Turnitin

A high percentage of students studying at different academic levels submit copied content. In most cases, the reason is that they do not use a plagiarism checking tool. This is where the problem starts. Most college and university students believe that simply going through the written content is enough to check plagiarism. However, this is not the case by any means.  A proper tool is required to check content for plagiarism.

  • Turnitin is a quality tool for checking plagiarism in the year 2019. It is recommended for various academic levels including secondary education and higher education. Turnitin is quality software that scans through each line of the document. If a particular section of the paper has not been rephrased, it would be identified.
  • By using this quality application, you don’t have to worry about getting a bad grade due to submission of copied content. This obviously does not happen because the application helps you in rephrasing copied information.
  • As a tool, the usage of Turnitin is not restricted to students only. Academic teachers have to grade several assignments at the same time in limited duration. Hence, it is not possible to check each line manually.
  • A lot of authors do not use a plagiarism checking application before move ahead with his publication. This is a big risk. As an author, you would lose your reputation if a proper plagiarism checking application is not used for checking purposes. With Turnitin, you can be sure that your book does not have any copied content.
  • Plagiarism Checker for desktop

At times, one is not able to use an online plagiarism checking application due to lack of bandwidth or absence of internet activity. In such cases, having an offline plagiarism checking application is essential. A plagiarism checker for desktop is the ideal solution to this problem.

  • This application can be downloaded easily due to the less file size. Whenever you want to check a document, no need to browse the internet. Simply use this tool present on your desktop to determine whether the content to be submitted is 100% original or not.

Summing it up

In an overall manner, it can be said that plagiarism is a serious problem which should never be overlooked. Plagiarism is a damaging factor for students, web content developers and other people who develop content of any form. When we are going through the process of writing, we access several sources to gather enough material. When this material is being compiled, some sections do not get rephrased. If a quality plagiarism checking application is being used, it would be much easier to identify copied content.

The applications listed above are the top 3 plagiarism checking applications of the year 2019. If you are using one of these applications, you can be sure that the submitted content would be completely original. Along with that, all these applications are very easy to use. The user does not need to have advanced technical knowledge to use these applications.

A plagiarism checking application is actually helpful in multiple ways. First of all, you do not have to do any manual proofreading or checking. The application identifies all traces of copied content. Once the application has scanned the content completely, you can rectify the mistakes and submit the content.

Financial Accounting, Its Objects & Functions

To meet the requirements of different people interested in accounting information, accounting can be broadly classified into three categories:

  • Financial Accounting,
  • Cost Accounting,
  • Management Accounting

Now we are going to discuss about financial accounting, its objects and functions.

Financial Accounting may be defined as the art of recording, classifying and summarising in a significant manner in terms of money transaction and events which are in part at least of financial character, and interpreting the result thereof. Accounting is the language effectively employed to communicate the financial information of a business unit of various parties in its progress.

Object of Financial Accounting

The object of financial accounting is to find out the profitability and to provide information about the financial position of the concern. Two important statement of financial accounting are Income & Expenditure Statement and Balance Sheet. All revenue transaction relating to a particular period is recorded in this statement to decide the profitability of a concern. The Balance Sheet is prepared at a particular date to determine the financial position of a concern.

Functions of Financial Accounting

Financial accounting provides information regarding the status of the business and result of its operations to management as well as to external parties. The following are some of the important functions of financial accounting:

  • Recording of Information

In business, it is not possible to keep in memory all the transactions. These transaction need to be systematically recorded and pass through the journals, ledgers and worksheet before they could take the form of final accounts. Only, those transaction are recorded which are measurable in terms of money. The transaction which can not expressed in monetary terms do not form part of financial accounting even though such transaction have a significant bearing on the working of a business.

  • Managerial Decision Making

Financial accounting is greatly helpful for managers in taking decisions. Without accounting, the managerial functions and decision making programmes may mislead. The performance of daily activities is to be compared with the predetermined standards. The variations of actual operations and their analysis are possible only with the help of financial accounting.

  • Interpreting Financial Information

Interpretation of financial information is very important for decision making. The recorded financial data is interpreted in such a manner that the end users such as creditors, investors, bankers etc, can make a meaningful judgement about the financial position and profitability of the business operations.

  • Communicating Results

Financial accounting is not only concerned with the recording of facts and figures but it is also connected with the communication of results. In fact accounting is the source of business operation. Therefore, the information accumulated and measured should be periodically communicated to the users. The information is communicated through statements and reports. The financial statements and reports should reliable and accurate. A variety of reports are needed for internal management depending upon its requirement. In communicating reports to outsiders, standard criteria of full disclosers, materiality, consistency and fairness should be adhered to.

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Meaning of Consumerism

It is well known fact that the products and services usually do not reach to the people’s expectations. If the expected level of satisfaction and the actually attained level of satisfaction are reasonably close, people will tolerate the gap. But if the actual satisfaction level is much low, it means, the gap between what people want and what they actually got  is not same then people will not tolerant the gap and the protest from the buyers arises. This phenomenon had led to a new concept called ‘Consumerism’, a name given to the consumer protection movement.

Philip Kotler has defined consumerism as ‘’a social movement seeking to increase the rights and powers of buyers in relation to sellers’’. Consumerism as a social movement built on the foundation of frustration, dissatisfaction and bitterness of consumers. It is a battle against exploitation and is collective effort of the consumers to protect their interests. It is generally organised by concerned citizen with government support, to protect and enhance the rights of buyers in relation to sellers and rights of consumer in relation to producers. It leads to development of policies aimed at regulating the products and services, methods and standards of manufacturers, sellers and the advertisers in the interest of buyers. Such regulation may be institutional strategy or embodied in a voluntary code accepted by a particular industry or it may result more indirectly from the influence of consumer organisation. Thus, consumerism is:

  • An organised effort of consumers.
  • concerned with increasing rights and powers of consumers in relation to sellers,
  • oriented towards ending the malpractices of business community,
  • aimed at obtaining adequate relief to aggrieved consumers,
  • a movement placing more stress on protection of economic interest and physical safety,
  • a psychological projection of negative attitude of dissatisfied consumers and
  • a movement encompassing various measures and activities of government business, voluntary organisation and concerned consumers to achieve consumer welfare.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Budgeting

The following are the advantages of budgeting:

  1. Budgeting leads to maximum utilisation of resources with a view to ensuring maximum returns.
  2. Budgeting increases the awareness about business enterprise at all level of management in the process of fulfilment of targets.
  3. Budgeting is helpful in better co-ordination between different functions/activities of business/organisation and hence better understanding between different functions.
  4. Budgeting is a process of self-examination and self-criticism which is essential for the success of any organisation.
  5. Budgeting makes a path for active participation and support of top management.
  6. Budgeting enables the organisation to prefix its goals and push up the forces towards their achievements.
  7. Budgeting stimulates the effective use of resources and creates an attitude of cost consciousness throughout the organisation.
  8. It creates the base for measuring performance of different department as well as different functions of production activities.

Despite of the above advantages, followings are disadvantages of budgeting:

  1. Forecasting, planning or budgeting is not an exact science and a certain amount of judgement is present in any budgeting plan.
  2. The basic requirement for the success of budgeting is the absolute support provided by the top management.
  3. Budgeting should be followed up by effective control action, this is often lacking in many organisation which defeat the very purpose of budgeting.
  4. It is only a source and not a target and hence can not take the place of management while it is only a tool of management. Thus, the budget should be regarded not as a master but as a servant.
  5. It requires the experienced man-power, technical staff, analysis, control etc; hence, it is costly affair.

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Meaning and Objectives of Budgeting

In our daily life we use to prepare budgets for matching the expenses with income so that available funds can be invested in profitable manner. Similarly, in business budgets are prepared on the basis of future estimated production and sales in order to find out the profit in a specified period. A budget is in the nature of an estimate and is a quantified plan for future activity to coordinate and control the use of resource in a specified period. Thus, budget is a quantitative statement of management plans and policies for a given period and is used as a guide for the purpose of attaining the given objectives. It is also used as a standard with which actual performance is measured. Budgets must be prepared with full knowledge and acceptance by the executives whose performance is to be measured against the budget. Different types of budgets are prepared for different purposes.

Budgeting may be defined as the process of preparing plans for future activities of a business enterprise after considering and involving the objectives of the said organisation. This also provides the steps of collection and comparison of data by which deviations from the plan either favourable or adverse can be measured. This analysis is helpful in performance analysis, cost estimation, minimising wastage and better utilisation of resources of the organisation.

Objectives of Budgeting 

It is well known fact that planned activity has better chances of success than unplanned one. The budgeting is a forward planning and effective control tool. Thus, the objectives of budgeting are:

  1. To control the cost and increase revenue and thereby maximise the profit so as to know the profit at different level of production and best production level.
  2. To run production activities in efficient manner by lay behind the chances of interruption in production process due to lack of material, labour etc.
  3. To bring about coordination between different functions of an enterprise this is essential for the success of any enterprise.
  4. To incorporate measures of calculation of deviations from budgeted results and analysis of the same whereby responsibility can be fixed and controlling measures can be taken.
  5. To ensure that actions taken are in accordance with the targets and if required to take suitable corrective action.
  6. To predict short term and long term financial position for better financial position and management of working capital in better manner.

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