Corruption in India and My Thoughts


Are you think, the general public of India is Independent?

I think no, we are jailed by our politicians and corruption. As India is the largest democracy of the world. Politicians are selected by the people of the country. But politicians understand them self different from the general public means they think, they are very specific not general.

I am not going to give the baseless thoughts. I want to clear my thoughts from the following points

  • They make government schools & colleges for the public but send their children to hi-fi private schools and colleges or send them to foreign. Now, I want to ask a question, if the quality of the government schools and colleges are so good then why they do not choose these schools for their own children?
  • Government gives the cars and security personnel for the specific person but their service is also used by their relatives.
  • I want to raise the question of distribution of LPG cylinder. Some of the politicians had used 15 to 40 cylinders in the last year where as general public do not able to get a cylinder even in 45 days.
  • The country is suffering from the higher trade deficit; the value of rupee is goes down nearly 20% in last one year;Air India is suffering from the higher debt, losses and strikes. But the political leaders and ministers stay in 5 & 7 star hotels. They travel one place to another by private Chopper or by the business class of the plane. They also increase the expense as their personal security men also go with them.
  • Corrupt leaders are present in the ruling government but the government does not want to take any action on them.
  • ¬†Government either in central or state take every action & decision in view point of election means state level or central level or local elections.

There are a lot of problem present in the society & the country but government is not ready to see these problems.

I think after the 66th Independence Day, government will take action to remove the corruption from the country.