When any company makes a new product, the first thing comes in the mind that how to communicate the product or service to the customer or its consumer. Advertisement plays a very important role to give the product a market and to introduce and communicate a new or existing product in an effective manner to its consumer.

We can divide the advertisement into two parts i.e. above the line advertisement and below the line advertisement.

Above the Line (ATL) advertisement is used to communicate the message to a large population. In this way, same message is given to entire population irrespective of their income, age, gender, location and because of this; it is called impersonal in nature. In this way it may happen that your message is not received by the particular group which may be your target customer.

Only by using, above the line advertisement, a group of target customer may be missed. So, these days, companies are also taking interest in Below the Line (BTL) advertisement. They have increased their spending on BTL ads. This is a personal way to communicate the message to different group of people in different ways according to their income, age, gender, location etc.

Now, different industries such as banking, insurance, FMCG has hired a lot of sales professionals to communicate the product to the customer according to their requirement, to sell more products.

So, we can say that in today’s scenario, Customer is the king. They have more options available in the market. So, it is required for the company to give personalized product and service to their customer to sustain them for a long period of time.