Bihar and its rich heritage

                                                              Bihar and its rich heritage                   


Bihar is one of the oldest states in India. It is popularly called ‘The Land of Buddha’ and has a rich cultural heritage which is evident from the numerous ancient monuments that are spread throughout the state. Bihar attracts many tourists from all over the world. Its attraction , culture , beauty  and heritage attract around 6 million tourists every year.
Some of the important places to visit are Bodhgaya, Nalanda. These places are popular for budhist circuits .The climate is wonderful throughout the year and is very tourist friendlyIt is an important religious destination for pilgrims from various religions like Jainism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam and Buddhism. The budhist temples in Bihar are very attractive and have rich historical connection. Bihar has a good network of railways line connection from every corner of the country. Now a day’s Bihar has also enjoying good administration .Spending a vacation in Bihar is most enjoyable and is the best way to discover India and its old heritage and culture.

Budhist Circuit

Southern Bihar – Bodhgaya and Nalanda

The southern part of Bihar is main destination of Budhist palace. This part of Bihar is dominated by religious destination like Bodhgaya and Nalanda. Bodhgaya is a major shrine close to capital of state Patna. Bihar is birthplace of Buddhism. Nalanda is another tourist place in bihar and popularly known by very old university ‘Nalanda University’. Governmet  is doing various practices to strat this university again somewhere in Nalanda.Nalanda is also very popular and known for Nalanda Museum, Nav Nalanda Bihar, Surya Mandir and Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall. You can shop different types of painting , photo, books and handicraft from Nalanda and Bodhgaya.

                             Buddhism is mainly derived from Bodhgaya. It is situated at a distance of 125km from Patna. Bodhgaya is popularly known for Mahabodhi Temple. In Mahabodhi temple there is a Peepal tree which is very old one and Gautam Buddha got their GYAN under that tree. In Bodhgaya there is an Archaeological Museum and monasteries built by people of many Buddhist countries .

Attraction of Bodhgaya

·         Mahabodhi Temple

·         Great Buddha Statue

·         The Bodhi Tree

·         Bodhi Sarovar

·         Chankaramana

·         Dungeswari Caves

Attraction of Nalanda

·         Ancient University

·         Nalanda Archeological Museum

·         Nalanda University Ruins Archeological Complex

 After all , We recommend you to visit BIHAR to Spend your valuable time of vacation .It gives you real value of your time by giving satisfaction to you and your family.