Brand Differentiation

Brand: A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, design or some combination of them, used to identify the product-goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of the competitors. For example, some of the common brands are Lux, Bata etc. Brand is very comprehensive containing the following term:

Brand Name: That part of brand, which can be spoken, is called a brand name. For example Asian paint , Lux.

Brand Mark: That part of brand through which brand is recognized is called brand mark. It appears in the form of a symbol, design etc. For example Gattu of Asian paint

There are many brands exist in a particular industry .All of them sell the similar type of product but the brand which successfully become able to differentiate itself from other, cuts a larger market share.

Brands which have successfully differentiated their product are  

  • Head’s Shoulder: Anti dandruff + Smooth & silky hair
  • Woodland: highest quality standards for outdoor performance. Woodland designs and constructs products to perform better and last longer.
  • Maaza:  “Har Mausam Aam” and positioned itself as an all season brand.
  • Tata Magic: The brand has adopted an emotional route, which reflects human interaction and sharing made possible due to a comfortable ride.
  •  Vodafone: Vodafone have differentiated itself from other brands by featuring the Zoo Zoo in their ads.
  • · Raymond: The Prefect Man.                                                     

With differentiated advertisement, these brands have become able to target a defined customer base.