Bringing up children has never been easier

Your children are your greatest joy and their dreams are important to you. Taking child plans will help them realise their ambitions.

The greatest joy in life is to give birth to one’s child. From the moment our children are born, their entire existence becomes the focal point of our world. Their every smile is important to us, and the merest tear from their eyes breaks our heart. Even when they become adults, our children remain the little babies that we helped to walk, speak and eat on their own.

Naturally, protecting their dreams is our primary responsibility as parents. If your child wishes to learn music, you get him the best musical instrument money can buy. If he or she wishes to go abroad on a class tour, you empty out your bank balance to finance the trip. But while you are able to comfortably take care of your children when they are very young, you find that the going gets increasingly tough as the years pass. Living costs keep going up, inflation rises steadily, and even paying your children’s yearly tuition fees becomes a struggle.

Suddenly, it dawns on you that financing future dreams like a foreign education or a lavish wedding for your child may become impossible, especially after you retire. But there is a way to defuse this worry: taking child plans is the best answer.

What do child plans do?

A child plan takes the financial burden of children’s higher education off the parents’ shoulders, especially in the unfortunate times of the parents’ demise.

* They bear education costs. Rising education costs dent parents’ budgets. Plus, there are tuition classes, hobby classes, picnics, extracurricular activities and myriad other expenses. Then your child may decide to apply to a foreign university for higher education. Instead of breaking your bank account to finance these activities, simply buy the best child plan that will pay for higher education.

* Paying for your child in your absence. You strain every muscle in your body to bring your children’s dreams to reality. But what happens in your absence? Can your child continue to pursue his ambitions unabated? However, child insurance plans waive off the premiums to be paid in case of the unfortunate demise of the parent. The child, being the beneficiary of the plan, receives the lump sum coverage amount to continue on course with his dreams.

* Prepare for future illness. There may be a genetic strain of a serious disorder in your family. Though it is heartbreaking to even contemplate it, the fact is that there is a chance that your child carries the genes for the disease. You may take health insurance for your family, but there are child plans that help pay for treatment in case your child contracts a serious illness.

Thus, child insurance plans are a safety net for your precious child’s future. They also ease the financial burden of paying for expensive education and financing a lavish wedding for your child.