Caste –A Political Tool in India

Political leaders & parties usually used the word caste as a political tool to win elections in India. On One side they said, caste differentiation is very bad as it slows down the growth of our country. On other hand they give reservations in government jobs, school & colleges on the basic of caste.

I think in this way people of our country will never become independent from their caste based thought process. Reservations given by the government must be based on income, not on caste.

I have shown several cases of General category people who survive their life in worst condition. They do not get two times healthy meal .They do not get any income source and benefit from government. This Cause pushes them to change their thinking process and to hate their counterparts in backward caste/category, because they think them as their chance taker in this competitive world.

One day one of my intelligent General Category friends with engineering & Management degree had shared a comment on Facebook and that comment was as follows

 ”Agale Janam Mohe General Na Kijo”.

 It means he does not want his next birth in General Category as he is facing a lot of difficulties to grab a government job. This comment has pushed me to write this blog. 

Some of the points to remove the caste differentiation from our country are as follows

  • Government should give reservation based on income not on caste.
  • Politicians must not use the name of caste to win the elections.
  • Provide benefits of all government schemes to the society based on income.