Companies & Intermediaries in Insurance Sector

Insurance sector could push investment sentiment in positive direction as the expectation to passes of Insurance laws (Amendment) bill, 2008 is high in India in 2013. The Insurance laws (Amendment) bill, 2008 has designed to raise foreign investment cap from 26% to 49%.Passes of this bill is necessary for Insurance sector as this sector will need more capital in the future .

Insurance Business could be divided into three parts i.e. (1) Life Insurance (2) General Insurance/Non- Life Insurance (3) Re-Insurance

No of companies in Insurance Industry

  • Life Insurers : 24
  • General Insurers / Non-Life Insurers: 27
  • Re-Insurers: 1 Company

Intermediaries in Insurance Sector:  Agents, Corporate Agents, Brokers, Surveyors, TPA Health Services, Web Aggregators

In this hi-tech & Competitive world, Insurance is the requirement of every person & entity. Insurance gives you help in bad moments of your life such as illness, life, assets & financial loss.

How to take your Investment decision

  • Define you goal &risk taking ability
  • Determine the Investment options present in the market .Investment options could be Life Insurance, Equity & Debt Instruments
  • After that ,choose the best option according to you requirements

These days you could also take the benefits of Equity & Debt Instruments in Insurance sector. To take this benefit, you should choose ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Products) Products. In this way your money will be invested in equity & debt instrument by the experts working in life insurance companies.

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