Corruption in Recruitment

Is Corruption cases happen only in Public Sector Companies? No; because my friends & I faced a lot of problems during different interviews with HRs of different private sector companies in the beginning of our career in corporate.

I don’t want to explain about my friends but I am going to explain one of the cases which have happened with me. According to my habit, I always check my e-mail ID in early morning. One day when I opened my e-mail account, I saw an interview call from the recruitment department of a reputed life insurance company. They explained that your resume is short listed for the sales profile and you have to meet Mr. xyz on the explained date, time and branch. But when I reached the branch, the explained HR manager was absent .Then; I had taken his contact number from the office and called him. On the same day he said, all seats have already booked and now there is no vacancy available in our branch. As I already explained, the received mail had come from the official ID of the company.

These days, most of the HR managers books all the vacancies with the help of consultancy and take a big amount from the beneficiary candidate to choose him or her for the mentioned profile.

If these managers take the interview for formality then, they choose their favorite student who has already given him the money. These type of HRs do not give any value to knowledge of the candidate, they give value to their money spending capability.

I think company’s should regulate their overall vacancy from it’s headquarter and should regulate their recruitment process, to choose the quality candidates with the help of fair & open competition.