Credit and Debit Cards – What You Need to Know

Thing to Know About the Debit & Credit Card Transactions

  • EMV chip Card is mandatory for the international use of debit & credit card. EMV Chip enabled card enables us for making payments worldwide at supermarkets, booking travel or movie tickets, topping up your mobile phone online.
  • Now, all the new debit and credit cards to be issued only for domestic usage unless international use is specified by the customer.
  • When you receive a card it is inactive for purchase transactions. In order to activate your card, you need to complete one successful transaction at your banks ATM using your PIN. After one successful transaction, you could also use your ATM Card at other banks ATM.
  • Generally, 40 currency notes are dispensed by the ATMs per withdrawal at a time.
  • To make payment online you required to make a password and this password will be used for authentication for all e-commerce transaction in the future. If you have the master card then make the “Master Card Secure Code” and if you have the Visa Card then you have to make password for “Verified by Visa”. You could make this password on the bank’s website or at the time of first online shopping a pop up window will appear to make the password.

How to protect your Debit or Credit Card

  • After receiving the card, sign on the signature panel.
  • At the time to swipe/ insert your card in the shopping location, keep it in front of your sight.
  • Take the receipt after every purchase and check it for accuracy.
  • Ensure that you have received your own card after the successful transaction.
  • Change your ATM pin in the periodic interval, memorize the PIN and not note it in your diary or any other place.
  • If your card is lost, please inform the bank immediately.