Dowry-a crime

Dowry which is also known as Dahej in Hindi, is the payment in cash or some kind of gifts given to bridegroom’s family along with the bride. Generally these include cash, jewellery, electrical appliances, furniture, bedding, crockery, utensils and other household items. In many cases, even after marriage groom side demands many things from the bride side and when they do not give those things, it creates dangerous situation for the bride.

Act for the restriction of dowry in India

In India, ACT 28 OF 1961 The Dowry Prohibition Bill was passed in the Joint Sittings of both the Houses of Parliament and it became an Act – The Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 (28 of 1961) and it received the assent of the President on 20th May, 1961.

Even after the powerful and supportive Act for the bride, many women do not able to take its advantage because of unawareness and many of them give their life because of this dowry system.

How we could remove dowry system from society

  • Government should have to make very strict rules for the people who take dowry
  •  Aware people living in the society, about all the laws, rules and regulations made by the government related to dowry system
  • Parents should not marry their girl from the greedy person
  • Parents should not take and give dowry for their son and daughter respectively
  • Complaint about the person who have demanded dowry.
  • The families which have taken dowry ,must not allowed to live in the society
  • Government should educate women to make then self dependent

Taking dowry is a crime; so, do not become a criminal after taking it.