FDI in single brand retail

India is one of the emerging nations of the world. It is the part of the BRICS and without it, this word has no meaning.

It attracts a lot of investors around the world. As the labor cost of India is very low, many companies have already made it the export hub and others are also planning to invest in this country.

A few years ago India was known for the Agriculture and nearly 80% of its population was depending on it. But now this percentage is decreased and this country is known for the software development, innovations and export hub of different motor car companies.

According to population, India is the second largest country of this world after China. So, It becomes a very attractive market for the retail investors around the world.

India has allowed 100% FDI in the retail but they had applied a lot of conditions on it. These conditions put a lot of hindrance in front of the companies which want to enter into this market. It proves as weakness for the retail sector in India. If the full fledged environment will not be provided to the retail Investors then we can say that we put up hurdles in the development of our own countries.

When we take the example of China where shops are also exist with the big retail outlets.

FDI provides a lot of advantage to the country such as it gives employment, development of infrastructure, knowledge transfer etc.

So, Government should clarify the rules & regulations. It should be easy to get more foreign investment in the economy so that it will help in the development of our country.