Future of Insurance sector in India

According to me, future of insurance sector is very good in India. Current market share of new companies is not  attractive but the potential market is very attractive and lucrative in this country.

Insurance has gotten popularity in cities ,most of  members in every family had taken  different type of  insurance policy  ,where as only head of the family is insured in the towns.The position of insurance sector is worse in the villages .People living in  villages  do not know the importance of insurance and no family member is insured in many of the families.

New companies has entered into the India ,not because of the current market but because of the potential market ,as the population of India is  increasing continually .They believe that if they will educate people about the importance of insurance then a good response may come in the future.

To get success in India  companies have to change the mindset of people because the Indian people believe more on public sector companies.So, The companies belong to private sector must have to provide the lucrative product with user friendly facilities.