Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a type of insurance that covers our medical expenses. A health insurance policy is a contract between an insurer and an individual / group in which the insurer agrees to provide specified health insurance cover at a particular “premium” subject to terms and conditions specified in the policy.

 A Health Insurance policy normally covers the expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred in respect of each insured person, subject to overall ceiling of sum insured (for all claims during one policy period).

  • Room, Boarding expenses
  • Nursing expenses
  • Fees of surgeon, anesthetist, physician, consultants, specialists
  • Anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, medicines, drugs, diagnostic materials, X-ray, Dialysis, chemotherapy, Radio therapy, cost of pace maker, Artificial limbs, cost or organs and similar expenses.

 Exclusions* from the Health Insurance

The following are generally excluded under health policies:

  • All pre-existing diseases
  • Under first year policy, any claim during the first 30 days from date of cover, for sickness / disease.
  • Treatment relating to pregnancy or child birth including cesarean section.
  • Cost of spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids
  • Dental treatment / surgery unless requiring hospitalization
  • Convalescence, general debility, congenital external defects, V.D., intentional self-injury, use of intoxicating drugs / alcohol, AIDS, Expenses for Diagnosis, X-ray or lab tests not consistent with the disease requiring hospitalization.

 (*The actual exclusions may vary from product to product and company to company. )

 Taking a health insurance is much more affordable for us than facing the emergencies without any life cover. So, take a health insurance cover as soon as possible for you and your family(Family Floater is one single policy that takes care of the hospitalization expenses of your entire family The policy has one single sum insured, which can be utilized by any/all insured persons in any proportion or amount subject to maximum of overall limit of the policy sum insured).