Hockey and it’s present position

Hockey is the national game of India.It is the oldest game played by the Indian people.But the present position of Hockey team and it’s association is very poor.There is no proper fund and facilities provided to the players & its association for their development.Last time India had won the World cup in 1975 and after that India didn’t reach in the final match even.

 Government of India gives more care to cricket which is a national game of England. When we compare the position of cricket and hockey then the position of cricket is shown better in comparison to all things such as No. of fans, financial position of association , Name & fame of players & facilities provided to players.


I think it is not good because hockey is the national game so,government must have to give proper care to this game.Position of hockey may improved if Government will spend more money to strengthen the Hockey association , hiring of the good trainers & provide proper environment for training.I don’t think that our players are not talented but a talent hunt is also required.