How to make a good and safe portfolio?

As the world is suffering from the different type of problems such as debt crisis, currency fluctuation, economic slowdown and inflation. At this time making a good and safer portfolio is very important because it helps you to derive the maximum benefit from your investments. Your success as an investor depends upon your ability to choose the right investment options. This, in turn, depends on your requirements, needs and goals. The choice of the best investment options for you will depend on your personal circumstances as well as general market conditions.

A right investment is a balance of three things: Liquidity, Safety, and Return.

You can make your portfolio from the following available options:                                         Equity, bond, debenture, gold, silver, land, bank FDs, flats etc.

But, Investment in some of the elements is very required to beat the inflation and other problems. These elements are: share, gold, silver, land, bank FDs etc.

Direct investment in equity is the most risky and if you have a good knowledge of the share market then you could choose shares from your own but if you do not have the knowledge of this market then must take the help of mutual fund companies or financial advisors.