Importance of Girls Education

Girls Education is one of the most required things for the real development of  our country and society .As we all know that children in their childhood learn, most of the things from their mother because they spend most of their time with her. She tells them about the right and wrong. When we think the same thing in another way then we will also get that only a well educated woman can take care of herself and her child if she will face any type of difficulty from her husband and she can also take the right action if she will face any distress from bad elements of the society. We often see that uneducated or less educated women faced a lot of harassment from their husband for dowry and even they loss their life for it.


Education is the need of every woman but the government doesn’t want to understand this need. There is no unique policy available for the higher education of girls. Government has given the Quota for the OBC, SC and ST but there is no quota available for women candidates.

 What we shall understand from this situation? Do politicians not want the development of women? Does government not want a happy and successful life for them?

There are many questions, but who will give their right solutions?

 So, Government & society must have to solve these questions and have to give a good solution for the education of women, which is half of our population.