Important Parameters to Measure the Growth of any Country

Parameters on which growth of any country is estimated or measured:

  • Education: Number of Schools, colleges in the country. Quality and quantity match between Current capacity and the current and emerging needs of the country.
  • Food: Quantity and quality of all the food items available in the market.
  • Housing: Quantity, quality and affordability of house and flats in rural, suburban and urban areas.
  • Healthcare: It is measured based on accessibility, affordability and appropriateness of healthcare needs such as hospitals, medicine etc.
  • Water : Water sources for individuals, agriculture and industrial needs
  • Energy: Availability and affordability of light, diesel, petrol etc for household, industrial and public services needs.
  • Land and space : Quantity ,quality and affordability of land for agriculture ,industrial and public requirements
  • Sanitation: Universal access of sanitation to all people of the country.
  • Transportation facilities such as rail , road ,air and water ways available in the country
  • Internal security: Internal law and order of the country.