Interview Tips


10 tips for interview success.

Be prepared

Look at the company web site for more basic knowledge about the company and its history and also estimate an  range for your salary because interviewer may ask you about your expectation to salary.

 Eye contact

You must follow eye contact at the time of interview to your interviewer with full of confidence .So,that you must be selected by that company.

 Be confident
Answer questions properly.

 Prepare Your Answers

There are various question which you don’t know exactly but you must prepare your best for interview from various source such as sample question of particular sector interview, through internet etc.

 Be energetic

At the time of interview be full of energy.

 Be positive
Show positive attitude by your language and body language.

 Reason for hiring
There must be a quality in you that’s why interviewer will agree to hire you for that particular job.

 Be impressive
Greet your interviewer with a smile and firm handshake. 

 Well dressed

You must be well dressed at the time of interview and This not mean that your dress belong to latest fashion of that time.

Send a follow–up thank

Always send a follow – up thanks letter or  e-mail to interviewer .This is only possible when you will ask them about their business card at the end of interview session.