Leadership Styles


Leadership style means leader’s way of implementation of plans, directing, controlling and motivating their employees. Different leadership styles are required in different situations.

Different types of leadership styles are as follows:

Bureaucratic: Bureaucratic leaders follow a predefined way to solve problems. They do not do anything extra from themselves and also do not take others advice.

Autocratic: Autocratic leaders take decisions alone. They do not take the advice of their employees and because of this it demotivates employees.

Democratic: These types of leaders listen to the team’s ideas but will make the final decision. This increases the employees’ satisfaction & their motivation level.

Charismatic: These types of leaders lead by infusing energy into the team and they are committed to the firm for the long run.

Task oriented: These types of leaders concentrate on specific tasks assigned to each employee. Similar to autocratic leadership it demotivates employees to do new things.

People oriented: People oriented leader supports, trains and develops his team to ensure efficiency and job satisfaction of their employees.