Online Loan against Securities

What do you mean by Loan against Securities?

To understand the loan against securities, you should require to know about the securities. Securities could be shares, bonds, debentures, mutual funds, insurance etc and to take the loan against the above mentioned securities you require to pledge these instruments with the loan providing financial institution. So, we could simply define Loan against securities as the loan approval by the financial institution against shares, mutual funds, bonds and insurance.

Very less people know about the loan against securities. Loan against securities are also known as LAS Scheme. The amount of loan under this scheme depends on the present market value of the securities and customer’s past credit history.

People choose LAS to take money to invest into any other asset type or to invest back money into the market or for their business expansion.

How Could Apply For the Loan against Securities Online?

 To apply for the loan against securities,

  • Firstly , Fill up the Application Form of the loan provider financial institution.  You could require to give the details of your collective investment portfolio , demat statement of the investments, your contact details etc.
  • After filling the application form, system will give the automatic approval or disapproval according to the requirement for the loan.
  • after that a sales person could contact you shortly.