Online Trading

Online trading is a real time platform provided to traders to buy & sell their securities at the moment they are interested. Through online trading you could trade in various securities like: Stocks, Bonds, Futures, Options, Commodities, Forex currencies etc.

Advantage of Online Trading

  • Fully automated screen based system that provides higher degree of transparency
  • Investors can transact from any part of the country at uniform prices.
  • Greater function efficiency support
  • ┬áTotally computerized network with full efficiency.
  • You could change your decision according to the market condition.
  • You do not require, depending on your broker to buy & sell your securities.
  • Online transaction reports come on your mobile and e-mail ID of investors.
  • You could trade from your home & office.
  • You could do intraday trading easily.

Disadvantage of online trading

  • There is probability of platforms malfunction
  • Online trading is unsafe if it is done on margin
  • A wrong input could give a higher loss to trader.

Online trading platform is provided by financial institutions which are affiliated by SEBI. You have to open an Dmat account to the brokrage firm to get a personal platform for trading.