OPD Coverage Health Insurance in India

In Indian Insurance Market, there is a large space available for the growth of health insurance. Very less people takes health insurance policies without the emphasis of sales executives & insurance agents. As, very less people are aware about the need of health insurance and the benefits of taking health insurance policies. To promote the health insurance in India, government also provides tax benefit to those who buy the health insurance policies.

Understand the Health Insurance with OPD Coverage in India

Generally in the regular illness, you do not require to stay or admit in the hospital overnight such as for the X-ray, Laboratory tests, treatment etc. Such services in which you do not require to stay in the hospital for 24 hours or more are called as OPD (out-patient department) services. So, OPD coverage is available for those patients who do not require hospitalization.

We often visit hospital in small diseases than the big one but in India most of the health plans are available for the hospitalization (for big problems) in which we admit in the hospital for 24 hours or more. But some of the companies such as Apollo Munich, ICICI Lombard have come up with the health insurance plans with out-patient features to take care the regular illness. Out-patient features may cover the expenses related to the Doctor Consultation, Regular health check-ups, Pharmacy bills, Diagnostics etc.

So, if you have taken the health insurance plan with out-patient feature then you will not require to pay for the above mentioned expenses. But you could only get this facility if that hospital is included by your insurer.

In the Cashless OPD, you do not require to follow up with the company for reimbursement and because of this more and more people want to opt for health insurance with OPD Coverage.

Most of the insurance companies in India find it difficult to control and coordinate with hospital and clinics and because of that most of Indian insurance companies do not cover OPD expenses.