Small is beautiful

I think no person in the world can dislike small things.When we take birth as a small child then our parents and family members give a lot of  love to that baby because he/she looks very cute, innocent, and polite.Even the baby of a dangerous animal looks very beautiful.

 Stars are very small but it looks so attractive that every child wants to take that star in hand. Even in Indian movies actor asks his actress that if you will allow me then I will bring the stars for you.

A small ring makes a beautiful relationship between bride and groom.

A small bindi on the head of the Indian women increases her beauty a lot.

When we mention the beauty of a thing then we also care about  its quality.

 A person like the small car,  house as small car give him comfort in traffic and a small house gives a lot of peace.

Exception are always present in the environment but most of the small things present in the environment looks very beautiful.