Storekeeper is a service function. Store keeping is the function of receiving materials, storing them and issuing these to workshops and departments in order to maintain demand and supply.

The stores department is under the control of person known as storekeeper. The storekeeper is the custodian of all the items kept in the store. The store should be spacious, well lit and well equipped so that cost can be minimised and service can be provided effectively.

Objectives of storekeeping are:

  1. To protect stores against losses of goods and in turn help in profit making.
  2. To keep goods always ready for delivery/issue in any circumstances.
  3. To provide maximum service at reasonable cost.
  4. To avoid over stocking and under stocking and maintain demand and supply.
  5. To facilitate perpetual inventory.

Function of storekeeping:

  • Receipt of material into storage: when materials come for storage then storekeeper has to unload it, inspect it and then move materials to stores. The storekeeper has to classifies the materials, stores at appropriate places and record the receipts in proper books in order to remove errors.
  • Record keeping:The stores records should be maintained in an efficient and orderly manner so that materials can be easily located and information can be obtained for various departments.
  • Storage of materials: The stores should provide maximum protection and safety and accessibility and utilise minimum space. Suitable storage device should be installed.
  • Maintaining stores: To keep the stores in the desired condition over a period of time depends on the nature of the materials, length of time in storage, rates of deterioration. Special covering or periodic lubrication is necessary to prevent damage due to atmospheric conditions.
  • Issuing stores: This function should be performed most efficiently, promptly and accurately. All issues should be properly recorded. All issues should be duly authorised and procedures laid down should be duly followed.
  • Co-ordination with material control: The storekeeper is partly responsible for such co-ordination. Much depends on the type of production, size of the company, the organisation structure, etc.
  • Ensure that all transaction is ensured in the Bin Card and that the Bin Card is up to date.
  • All items should keep in its proper place.
  • Maintenance of stores at required levels.
  • Neatness in stores to facilitate physical verification.
  • Co-ordination and supervision of staff in the stores department.
  • Periodic review of various scales, measuring instruments, conversion ratios etc.
  • Protect stores from fire, rust, erosion, dust, theft, weather, heat, cold, moisture and deterioration etc.