Subsidy: Is it a real solution of every problem

Whenever I read or talk about subsidy. I think, is subsidy a real way to solve the problems of Indian farmers and BPL class? When the fund of central or state government is released for any of the schemes; half of it, is pocketed by middlemen. If these schemes are related to food material they lower their quality and in case of kerosene oil they distribute it by taking a month gap in every 2- 3 months.

Numbers of people who misuse these subsidy facilities are greater than the number of real beneficiary. As we all know that a large proportion of subsidized diesel is used for the commercial purpose and it is not fair for the growth of our economy. I want to share one of my experiences. One time I went the village of one of my relatives and what I had seen was unbelievable. Person with good income had also given their name in BPL category list and because of that they took subsidized materials and sold those materials in the market at higher price.

I think instead of giving subsidy to the farmers on different items, Government should have to give a good price to their production, develop a good infrastructure & transportation facility in every village and help them to become independent.And on other hand government should have to remove middlemen from its different schemes, for the welfare of farmers and poor.