The Evolution of Making Signs

The process of designing a sign has become a much simpler, more customized offering in contemporary times. In the past, businesses and others who needed signs went to a graphic designer and described what they wanted in detail. Then they hoped the designer understood their instructions and waiting anxiously to see the final interpretation. Now, the success of a good sign, like those at, is in the hands of the customer.

Often, a customer is able to send or upload his own original artwork for the design process. This helps ensure that is not too much to interpret and helps foster a greater likelihood that the customer will get exactly what he wants. By contrast, if it is not what the customer wants, he knows the original design decisions came from a representative of his own company.

Many sign companies now also give customers the chance to design a sign from scratch. They make templates, fonts and copyright-free artwork available for customers to create a look that they like. The only drawback for this process is that many customers have access to the same templates and art, so there is a chance that another company can have a sign that is too similar to someone else in the same market.

No matter which process a customer chooses, there are so many tools at his disposal to create the sign of his choice. He no longer has to dictate an idea to a designer and hope for the right interpretation. The fate of the customer’s sign is in his own hands.