The Secret 7 Myths about Cashback

The concept of Cashback & Coupons is a recent inclusion into the Indian Online Retail Sector. Even though the members registering and shopping via Cashback & Coupon sites are increasing each day, there are certain myths and facts about Cashback which all online shoppers must be aware about. What shoppers may think and what the actual facts are may be very different. is a website among others that gives Indian Online Shoppers Cashback every time they shop at retailers like Myntra, Jabong, Amazon, etc via Cashkaro. While the website has already given over Rs 1.5 Cr Cashback ( ) to its members only within 1 year, when shoppers hear about “Cashback” they are awed by the concept but have many a doubts about it.

Below are 7 Myths about Cashback that will help dissolve your confusion and get your facts right about Cashback!

  1. Cashback comes only with Online Payments!

If you think that Cashback is only available on paying for your shopping orders via net banking or on using payment cards like Debit/Credit Cards, then you have started off on a wrong note. Cashback claims are eligible for every transaction irrespective of the payment option you choose to transact with. Be it Net banking, Credit/ Debit cards, COD or even EMI! Yes, Cashback is also available on EMIs. Now you choose the mode of payment and earn the mentioned Cashback.

Cashback claims are eligible as long as the purchased product is not returned or exchanged.

  1. Cashback sites are Fradulent!

Cashback is a recent known benefit made available to users only on completing a transacting from a retailer’s website via a Cashback site.  People do understand the concept of Cashback however, one does not know how Cashback is paid and hence term such Cashback sites as fraudulent and cheaters!

The promised Cashback is generated from the commission amount a Cashback site earns for promoting and redirecting traffic to a retail website. While the coupon sites keep the whole commission for them and provide only discounts on purchases, Cashback sites pay a percentage of their commission earnings as Cashback to users.

The concept is a simple one. You shop through a Cashback site – Retailers pay commission to Cashback sites – Cashback sites give back a part of this commission to users as Cashback.

  1. My Cashback was cancelled! Are they stealing my money?

Cashback sites are fraud as they decline Cashback claims and steal from a user’s earnings! This is not correct. Cashback is not declined by the Cashback site but by the retailers. One must be aware about the fact that Cashback sites suffer losses too in case a Cashback claim is declined or not approved.

As mentioned, Cashback awarded comes from the commission amount obtained by the Cashback sites from the retailers. Hence, the latter’s earning is linked with your earnings. Thus, when your Cashback claim gets declined, the retailer does not pay any commission to the Cashback site which in turn is why Cashback sites cannot pay you for a cancelled transaction.

Cashback claims are declined only when products or a part of it is returned/ exchanged or cancelled or when the respective sale is attributed to a different source other than the Cashback site being followed. Hence, for your Cashback to track successfully, it is advised that a transaction must be completed in one go rather than later and to use a single Cashback & Coupon site to complete an individual transaction. Your loyalty to one Cashback site will not only benefit you as they will see you as a loyal customer and will always jump to solve your queries. Also, if you are a regular customer, the website will be more driven to get back to you and help you out!

  1. I can collect the Cashback soon after shopping!

Even though Cashback for a transaction just made might reflect in a user’s Cashback account, it cannot be redeemed soon after shopping. For Cashback to be redeemed, the respective Cashback amount must be first validated and confirmed by the retailer.

When you complete a transaction on an online retail shop via a Cashback site, the Cashback amount reflects in your respective account. The Cashback claim must then be approved by the respective retailers and further validated for confirmation or approval. This is why Cashback claims usually take time to confirm. Your Cashback cannot be redeemed until the same has been approved and paid by a retailer, which takes between 6-12 weeks to confirm.

  1. You can never earn Double-Cashback!

Jealous are the people who say that one cannot earn Double-Cashback! Cashback sites provide Cashback to users when the latter shops via the Cashback site’s network. Hence, Cashback claims for each transaction you complete is eligible.

One can double the Cashback earning by choosing the payment card to pay with from various options. Credit card companies these days partner with retailers and Cashback sites to provide users with additional Cashback on simply using their respective brand’s payment cards to make payments. Banks such as Citi bank and HDFC bank offer up to 10% Cashback when designated payment cards are used to pay for the orders.

Cashback offered by a Cashback sites get credited into your respective account while the Cashback offered by banks and Credit card companies gets credited into your bank account aligned with the used card.

  1. Various Cashback sites offer full Cashback! Why doesn’t everyone else do?

Cashback sites guaranteeing full Cashback are fraud and tend to cheat unaware users by luring them.

Cashback amount offered for a transaction can never be equal to the value of the product or more than that. Your Cashback amount is always a certain percentage of the product value. The Cashback amount to be provided is decide upon jointly by a partner retailer and a Cashback site and either of these cannot increase or decrease the Cashback amount unless mentioned under the Terms & Conditions.

Cashback also cannot be a flat sum of money but has to be a percentage of the total sale amount. For e.g. Cashkaro offers 10% Cashback on purchasing for select products on

  1. I get discount coupons immediately and not Cashback. Coupon sites are better than Cashback sites!

Websites offering coupons are better that sites offering Cashback! Cashback itself sounds way better than just coupons. Cashback sites offer additional Cashback on top of the discount offers, enabling users to earn while they shop. is one such Cashbacks & Coupons site which offers both discount coupons plus additional Cashback on every purchase via them. It has become India’s largest Cashback and Coupon site and is becoming increasingly popular among online shoppers! So now you can shop as much as you want while you earn Cashback and save money at the same time!