Tier 1 (Investor) visa

Under the Tier 1 (investor) category visa, HNIs (High Networth Individuals) who have the ability to invest £1 million in the UK can live in the country and do not need any job offer to apply for immigration. They can apply along with their families, for settlement at a very early stage. Tier 1 investor visa allows individuals to take up employment or self employment and therefore remains a far superior option in terms of flexibility.

Specific Requirements for Tier 1 investor visa

As with all categories of Tier 1, Investor category requires candidates to meet or exceed the minimum points requirements based on various factors.

The investor scheme must be satisfied by one of the following criteria

  • The candidate has a minimum of £1 million. The money must be their own and must be held in a regulated UK financial institution. The money must also be disposable in the United Kingdom.
  • The candidate has personal assets to the value of more than £2 million taking into account any liabilities.
  • The candidate has an amount of no less than £1 million, which is under their control and is held in a regulated UK financial institution. This may include money which has been loaned to them if the financial institution providing the loan is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.


Regular Tier 1 Investor visa holders in the UK can apply for permanent residence after five years in the country, however more significant investments could lead to fast-tracked settlement. Those who invest £10 million or more may qualify after two years, while investments over £5 million will qualify after three years.

Other benefits of Tier 1 investor & Entrepreneur visas

  • Applicants can remain out of UK for up to 180 days each year and still qualify for settlement
  • Accelerated forms of settlement are available depending on the level of investment they make
  • Another advantage that the  Tier 1 investor visa offers is for Indian students who are in the UK(on a Tier 4 visa) who can apply to switch their status in the country to that of a Tier 1 investor visa provided their student visa is still valid.
  • Easiest routes to settlement for high net worth individual

One of the main difficulties with the Tier 1 entrepreneur category is the high level of proficiency required in English language and the applicants’ money will be tied up in the business in the UK.