Tips to Reduce Car/Auto Insurance Premium & Factors which affect the Premium

If a person has bought a car, the first thing that comes in his mind is to secure the car from all the uncertainties. So, he takes the car insurance from an insurer.

Thing you should take care at the time of buying the car insurance policy for your car:

  • Shop around: ¬†Compare the price of auto insurance products provided by all the companies present in the market and choose the best company which provides the best product at lowest possible price.
  • Value of your Car plays an important role:¬† Higher the value of your car, higher the premium you have to pay.
  • If you want lower premium, do not claim small expenses.
  • No Claim Bonus: Higher the number of no claim years for you car insurance, lower premium you have to pay in the coming years.
  • Safety Devices present in your car also plays an important role in deciding the car insurance premium. If more safety devices such as airbag, Anti theft device present in the car, more discount you could receive from you insurer.
  • Luxury gadgets present in the vehicle increases the premium.
  • If you have purchased more than one policy from the same insurer, they may offer discounts to you.
  • Experience & the age of driver also affect the car insurance premium.
  • If you have your own garage to park the car means your car is safe and because of that you could receive a discount.