Top 3 Plagiarism Checkers Tools for Educational Assignments

The internet is full of software applications of different categories. When you search online for particular software, several options would be shown on your screen. This does not mean that all of them are dependable. More than half of them would not even work properly. Using such an application has hazardous effects instead of positive ones. For instance, if you are using an unreliable application to check plagiarism, you may end up submitting a copied assignment. This simply means ending up with a bad grade or a rejected assignment even after using a plagiarism checker.

Quality matters and you need to be sure about the reputation of a plagiarism checker before you select one. Here are the top 3 plagiarism checkers of 2019

Plagiarism checker by Prepostseo. 

Plagiarism checker by Prepostseo is an amazing tool for a variety of users. For instance, students need a dependable plagiarism checking tool so that they can submit original assignments easily. If you are working on a detailed assignment, you would not have the time to go through each chapter and get an assurance about whether it has been copied or not. The present time is technology oriented and there is an application for every purpose. To check your assignment for copied content, you can use this dependable tool by Prepost SEO and eliminate all your worries.

Few short steps to check content

Unlike a lot of plagiarism checking applications available on the internet, this application does not comprise of any lengthy steps. The lengthiest of content can be checked in few minutes. You need to start by adding the content which has to be scanned. This can be done by adding the content in form of text or uploading a document. After that, click the “check plagiarism” button and the written content would be scanned. Once the scanning process has been completed, you would know about the parts that have been copied. At times, students do include copied material in their assignments. This mostly happens when they fail to rephrase a part.

Suitable for web content creators

Publishing copied content on your website simply means that your brand would lose its reputation even before it starts getting customers. If you are not using a proper plagiarism checker tool, you are taking a big risk. The Prepost SEO plagiarism checking software is a good alternative for web content creators. When you have prepared the web content, scan it through this tool. In this way, you can get an assurance that nothing has been copied. Once people view copied content on your website, there is no turning back. Thus, it is better to use this tool before you move on to the publishing stage.

  • Turnitin

A high percentage of students studying at different academic levels submit copied content. In most cases, the reason is that they do not use a plagiarism checking tool. This is where the problem starts. Most college and university students believe that simply going through the written content is enough to check plagiarism. However, this is not the case by any means.  A proper tool is required to check content for plagiarism.

  • Turnitin is a quality tool for checking plagiarism in the year 2019. It is recommended for various academic levels including secondary education and higher education. Turnitin is quality software that scans through each line of the document. If a particular section of the paper has not been rephrased, it would be identified.
  • By using this quality application, you don’t have to worry about getting a bad grade due to submission of copied content. This obviously does not happen because the application helps you in rephrasing copied information.
  • As a tool, the usage of Turnitin is not restricted to students only. Academic teachers have to grade several assignments at the same time in limited duration. Hence, it is not possible to check each line manually.
  • A lot of authors do not use a plagiarism checking application before move ahead with his publication. This is a big risk. As an author, you would lose your reputation if a proper plagiarism checking application is not used for checking purposes. With Turnitin, you can be sure that your book does not have any copied content.
  • Plagiarism Checker for desktop

At times, one is not able to use an online plagiarism checking application due to lack of bandwidth or absence of internet activity. In such cases, having an offline plagiarism checking application is essential. A plagiarism checker for desktop is the ideal solution to this problem.

  • This application can be downloaded easily due to the less file size. Whenever you want to check a document, no need to browse the internet. Simply use this tool present on your desktop to determine whether the content to be submitted is 100% original or not.

Summing it up

In an overall manner, it can be said that plagiarism is a serious problem which should never be overlooked. Plagiarism is a damaging factor for students, web content developers and other people who develop content of any form. When we are going through the process of writing, we access several sources to gather enough material. When this material is being compiled, some sections do not get rephrased. If a quality plagiarism checking application is being used, it would be much easier to identify copied content.

The applications listed above are the top 3 plagiarism checking applications of the year 2019. If you are using one of these applications, you can be sure that the submitted content would be completely original. Along with that, all these applications are very easy to use. The user does not need to have advanced technical knowledge to use these applications.

A plagiarism checking application is actually helpful in multiple ways. First of all, you do not have to do any manual proofreading or checking. The application identifies all traces of copied content. Once the application has scanned the content completely, you can rectify the mistakes and submit the content.