What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing helps marketers leverage interactive digital channels to listen to what consumers say and respond appropriately. Digital marketing is the advancement of organization or brand using one or more of the various digital channels, such as Social media, Mobile applications, CRM, Tablet applications, E-mail marketing, Customer analysis ,Predictive analysis , Search engine optimization ,Campaign management ,Single view of customer, Reputation management ,online score given by customer  etc.

 Advantage of digital Marketing

  • Brand building & differentiation
  • Customer communication & understanding their satisfaction with the product
  • Direct Business to Customer relationship
  • Improving the ability of customers to find and select your product

 Examples of digital marketing:

  •  Use of Facebook like, Google plus follow button by companies to understand the satisfaction level of customer.
  • Listing of websites on different search engines in such a way that website could be displayed in more search keywords related to the product or services of companies.