Why to Take Home Loan- Home Loan in India- Common Documents required

Why to Take Home Loan?

Owning a home is always the primary dream of every one. But achieving this dream is not easy. We become busy in fulfilling our other family needs and can’t able to build our dream home or reconstruct it in one time. Now all banks and housing finance companies are ready to give you affordable & flexible home loan. These institutions are also ready to give you the repayment option of 30 – 35 years. Now banks & housing finance companies have different types of product available, according to your need, taste & budget.

Benefits to own a house or a flat:

  • It gives us safety & security from the outer environment.
  • You do not require to give any rent to others.
  • You lives a tension & hassle free life

Banks & Housing Finance Companies give the loan for the following purpose:

  • To purchase a new flat
  • To purchase a plot of land for the construction of house.
  • To build a house.
  • For the Construction, Extension & Remodeling of a house.
  • For repaying the home loan which you have already taken from other Housing Finance Company or Bank.

Common Documents required to take Home loan

  • Borrower’s Bank account Statement.
  • Passport Size Photographs.
  •  Zerox of voters ID card and PAN card etc.
  • Residence Proof of the Borrower.
  • Latest salary-slip of the Borrower
  • Income Tax Return Paper

Now, if you are ready to take the home loan, go to the banks or Housing Finance Companies and collect required information to take this loan. As these institutions will provide you broader information about their home loan products according to your need, taste & budget, which will suits you the best.

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